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Run has an accomplished and diverse cast of powerhouse women from across the country who make up "The Boss Squad". Scroll down to learn more about each of the expert trainers on our show, their backgrounds, and how they help our candidate in each episode.


Run believes in empowering women and minorities with economic and artistic opportunity and places high emphasis on hiring  and showcasing a diverse and inclusive crew. Crew are often behind the scenes in many films/shows and Run is pioneering crew visibility as our show believes off camera work should be celebrated equally to the work of those on camera beyond a film credit. 

Faith Winter

Campaign Strategy

Faith Winter believes in women's leadership. She has been training women to run for office since 2005 and she took her own advice and ran in 2007 and has been serving in office ever since as both a local and state elected official.  Faith believes that the most important part of leadership is to lift as you rise. She has invited and trained thousands of women to run for office all over the country. Faith is currently a State Senator in Colorado and the National Training Director for VoteRunLead.

Mary Simms

Public Relations & Media

Mary Simms favorite phrase to would be mansplainers is “I’ve been to war, I’ve got this.” As a Gracie Allen award winner from the Foundation of American Women in Radio and television, she has been inducted into America’s league of Top Women in PR. Whether she is reporting live from Afghanistan or a devastating natural disaster, Mary Simms knows how to command attention, shape the conversation, dominate any situation, and create and leverage PR opportunities. Simms is a PR leader who has managed global crisis' for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), including endless oil spills, Hurricane Sandy, and the West Coast Fukushima Radiation scare, to name a few. Simms is a contributor for the Huffington Post, a member of Forbes agency council, and also writes for Entrepreneur Magazine. A trusted PR advisor for top real estate investors, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and women-owned businesses, she's led thousands of successful media campaigns and helped develop strategic messaging, built relationships, and protected reputations at the highest level of government and in the private sector.

Moumita Ahmed

Field & Activism

Moumita is a 28-year-old political activist and community organizer from Jamaica Queens. She has experience in field organizing and distributed organizing for high profile Campaigns throughout NY State including Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Cynthia Nixon, and Bernie Sanders. She co-founded Millennials for Bernie Sanders and worked on the historic campaign of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as an organizer for the Justice Democrats. She is also on the board of her local democratic club - New Queens Democrats and an organizing committee member of her local chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. 

Genevieve Thiers


Genevieve Thiers is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and teacher. As the founder of the first online babysitting site,, she built an empire in her twenties and has now invested in over 16 women led tech startups. Genevieve brings the latest tools and apps for the political process to the table and uses her success to empower the next generation of women tech entrepreneurs and political candidates with her current organization NewFounders.  She was the master editor of the free #techyourself 2019 guide for political candidates, created by scores of digital campaign managers, digital hubs and distributed via 80+ networks to hit virtually every candidate in the US running in the 2020 cycle.  Thiers is a master coalition-builder as well as a champion for women, and more about her can be seen at newfounders.usand

Victoria Elena Nones

Comedy & Content

Victoria Elena Nones is an entrepreneur and comedian and is the founder of Women In Comedy and Satira Comedy. Her comedy work to empower women has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, NY Magazine, ELLE Magazine, CBS, PBS, and Jezebel, including others. In addition, Victoria is regularly invited to be a speaker and workshop leader at places such as the Yale Women In Leadership Conference, The Caterpillar International Women’s Conference, Accenture International Women’s Day, and more. A comedy consultant, she fuses business and comedy to empower the next generation with humor to be used in stump speeches, digital campaigns, and to steer the smear away.

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