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Run believes in empowering women and minorities with economic and artistic opportunity and places high emphasis on hiring  and showcasing a diverse and inclusive crew. Crew are often behind the scenes in many films/shows and Run is pioneering crew visibility as our show believes off camera work should be celebrated equally to the work of those on camera beyond a film credit. 




Ana Breton is a twice-Emmy nominated Digital Producer for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.  

Ana has 8+ years of working in film production. She was a camera operator for the movie "In Football We Trust," which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015 and won an Emmy in 2017.

She's proud to have been featured in this list of Latinos nominated.


(Yes, she speaks Spanish)


Johnston (MJ) 

Director of Photography

Mandy Johnston is a Director of Photography based in America. Her urban roots growing up in Chicago gave way to her ability to find beauty in the detail, finding the quiet in a city of noise and an intense appreciation for nature. After attending the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and receiving a BFA in Cinematic Arts her wanderlust set in. Her experiences traveling across Europe and America has broadened her sensibility beyond what she thought was possible. Her shooting style is always evolving, as is the medium of filmmaking. She thrives on being challenged creatively in the work place and in life. 

Sarah Baniak

Assistant Director

More Info Coming Soon.

Carina Jollie


More Info Coming Soon

Victoria Elena Nones

Comedy & Content

Victoria Elena Nones is an entrepreneur and comedian and is the founder of Women In Comedy and Satira Comedy. Her comedy work to empower women has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, NY Magazine, ELLE Magazine, CBS, PBS, and Jezebel, including others. In addition, Victoria is regularly invited to be a speaker and workshop leader at places such as the Yale Women In Leadership Conference, The Caterpillar International Women’s Conference, Accenture International Women’s Day, and more. A comedy consultant, she fuses business and comedy to empower the next generation with humor to be used in stump speeches, digital campaigns, and to steer the smear away.

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