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Behind The Scenes Photos of The RUN Pilot

CHICAGO, IL - February 16-22, 2019 marked the filming of RUN's first episode. It was an incredible week with a talented cast and crew working round the clock to make it all come together.

Check out some of the fun behind the scenes photos below taken by TagPrints (All Photos By TagPrints)

RUN cast at brunch
RUN cast at Brunch

RUN the series
RUN the series Director Ana Breton Setting up Shots

RUN the series Fundraiser

RUN The series
Director Ana Breton Checking In with The Boss Squad

RUN the series
RUN the series Filming at a fundraiser

RUN the series
Our Director of Photography MJ Johnston Catching Footage

The talented RUN crew setting up

RUN the series
RUN filming at Brunch

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