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Let the filming begin!

CHICAGO, IL- After months of logistics, planning, and thinking about all the snacks we wanted to have on hand, the RUN series is finally in filming mode this week in snowy Chicago!

It's been a whirlwind dream of empowered women banding together, learning, growing, and for some of our boss squad - catching pokemon.

Check out some highlights of filming this week. We can't wait to share the pilot episode with you.

The boss squad was thrilled to finally meet in person and got to spend a lot of time bonding between filming, at the shared cast house, and on camera.

RUN the series
Some of the rockstars who make this happen! Behind the scenes

RUN hired an amazing lineup of rockstar crew. Without their skills none of this is possible! Including our fabulous director Ana (pictured center).

RUN the series
Boss squad braving Chicago winter for filming

We got lucky with some snowy but also sunny days during filming and are excited to showcase this climate of our home sweet home Chicago in the pilot episode. Walking in heels in snow has proven interesting for most of us.

Be sure to stay in touch for more updates on RUN.

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